Why FlockHosting?

We Know Code

We try to add new functionality with additional programming languages from classics like Perl to the latest with Ruby, FlockHosting is up to the challenge, don't see something? Ask us!

We Are Global

Need a server in the USA, Europe and Asia? We've got you covered! We have connections to Datacenters around the globe, added into CDN access coming soon, can build a powerful network for your data!

We Speak Computer

No more support that's only for Microsoft Windows, we work Mac and Linux too! Full server support for connecting to services no matter your computer type!

We Know Savings

No 2 yr commitments to get a $5 deal, when we say $5 a month, we mean it, want more savings sign-up for longer! No long term commitments, and easy to upgrade!

We Are Green

No pesky paper advertisements, No Paper Invoices, and Streamlined Servers using Virtualization to leverage the power of one computer to create several working servers secure and separate from one another.

We Love Customers

So much every year we have a Customer Appreciation Month! Not to mention our Good Stewards and Good Faith Programs to make sure your taken care of all of the time!

We Love Experimenting

Got an idea for hosting? Think it'd benefit your website? Always a test server running to test the safety, security and stability of new ideas!

We Share Our Faith

FlockHosting is a faith based business, the goal is simple - Spread the Word of the Lord to EVERY Nation, Tribe and Tongue! Churches Host Free with the Church Hosting program! And FlockHosting strives to bless our customers with more and be fair in upgrades, resources, and expansion!