Terms of Service

At FlockHosting, we try to make sure everyone has a balanced use of the server and its resources. So before you can become a customer here you must agree to the following:

Site Content

We do not allow and of the following types of sites:

  • Adult Material
  • Distribution of Copyrighted or Commercial Software/Music/Artwork (Unless you are the owner)
  • Hate or Derogatory based websites. This includes sites which promote dislike for a certain artist, band, label, person, or religious figure(s).
  • Online Radio Stations are not allowed. Unless purchased with a dedicated server.
  • Sites which are contrary to our belief structure.

Payment Methods

Credit Card

Initial payment is instantly accepted and applied for your first month of hosting as well as additional fees where noted. (Includes domain costs, or misc posted fees). Your credit card will show a charge from Thrust Networks LLC for the fees.

Your card will be billed on each billing cycle automatically (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual), by signing up you authorize this charge – you will first be invoiced the amount on your renewal date, and your card charged that same evening if on file – if your card is out of date when renewal comes around if not paid in 15 days and card on file updated, your account will be suspended, and 10 days after that removed from the server.


To ensure payments are not late, we encourage customers after their first month to log in to the Secure Customer Zone and use the subscription link to ensure that your payments are received each month in a timely fashion. If your balance is not paid in 15 days your account will be suspended, and 10 days after that removed from the server.

Check / Money Order

Currently, this is no longer an option allowed automated thru the online billing system – if for some reason you MUST pay by check, please contact FlockHosting for options prior to sign-up!

Bandwidth Policy

In the event, you move beyond your monthly bandwidth limit your account must be upgraded for the next month. We do not bill you for the current over draft unless it exceeds 25% over your bandwidth limit.

SPAM / Junk Email / Bulk Mailing

FlockHosting does not allow the use of Mass Mailing of any type of email content, newsletter, spam, etc. If you must do a newsletter I highly recommend MailChimp which offers a great free plan as well as low rates for a growing list.

Spam or Junk email blasting will be suspended promptly, no refunds are available for this abuse. If you wish to do mass mailing please contact me for rates which you can then decide if it is worth it to you to continue. These accounts are not disposable.


Our goal is always 100% – but our upstream providers must sometimes re-route traffic to combat outages, so brief outages as data re-routes through new network path’s may occur. You can review the current outage status via this URL.

Canceling Accounts

To avoid continued billing please ensure you cancel your account with at least 30 days notice, if you do not you may continue to be billed for services, you must open a trouble ticket with sales requesting a cancellation -or- navigate to the product in the customer zone and request cancelation. The act of simply clearing your account does not reflect a cancellation, and simply not paying after your renewal comes around will leave your account active and continually billed for services.

Limit of Support

I am here to help! However, help includes on matters that apply to account setup (if online support center does not help) and server errors. If you desire help in designing or creating your webpage please contact us and ask about options we can suggest/provide for site management and design.


Your email account is automatically configured to receive any security notices we receive if a script or service is at risk of being a security hole, we will contact you with information on how you can patch up the program (like FormMail). We ask that all users please work to keep scripts up to date to keep the server running smoothly for everyone.

Use of Server

If you run a very intense site we do not like to ‘hamper’ sites, but please bear in mind you are running on a server with 20+ people at any given time, so it is a shared environment, in which we try to give everyone equal share. Please make sure your scripts are up to date, and try to limit people linking to your graphics from offsite. If your site is becoming a resource hog, we will move it to another server on our network, free of charge.


Please DO NOT sign-up for hosting unless you plan to pay for it. Order forms are in real time and there is no turning back. If you pay for a year and change your mind 6 months in, you have 6 months more of hosting. No refunds will be issued for the remaining un-used hosting. Please be sure to request a cancellation to avoid further billing at the end of your original contract.

Revised 6-3-2017 — Simply formatting and grammatical/spelling fixes.