Statement of Faith

Sometimes it’s nice to know who you are dealing with, and sure I could write something cookie cutter which would make you say “Woah! Super Christian!” Or it would make you doubt that it is a real Christian and think it was copy and pasted from somewhere – well here’s my statement of faith:
  • I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins.
  • He rose from the grave (PTL!) on the third day!
  • He is 1/3 of the whole of God who is Triune, three in one (Jesus, God, Holy Spirit)
  • I believe part of obedience in accepting Jesus into your life is Baptism.
  • Growing up I was raised by my dad who was/is a pastor (does fill-in but is retired) and also had a uncles and a grandfather who were pastors – so a lot of bible discussions around the Thanksgiving turkey (and a few other places too)
Ultimately I do believe Jesus died for my sins, at the age of 8 I invited him into my life, and while I’m not perfect He lives in me, always working to shape me into the servant he would have me to be! I pray that if you see this and say Amen, then I hope you find services that I can be of service to you!

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