Software Updates

Work'n Man!Like smartphones out there these days there is “An App for That!” on the web, and sometimes software on the web can get outdated – this can open your website up to some rather nasty stuff, and since not all of us can be completely up on updates, patches, or how all of that works – FlockHosting has you covered.

Each month for 1 day a week – FlockHosting offers for free (read: No Money Required) upgrade assistance to active customers! If you have software that is out of date – or even just want a extra set of eyes on things to make sure your doing OK – free consult or assist in upgrading the script is yours for the taking! To get help simply open a trouble ticket with the following information:

  • URL of your Software
  • Version your running (if known)
  • Login Name & Password
  • Any quirky  things going on!

It’s that easy – every Thursday is a freebie day — this service is subject to open time, if there is a backlog may be next time around, but FlockHosting is here to help keep your website safe, if you’re very worried, just open a ticket and at the very least a quick diagnostic can be done as part of standard support. Remember every Thursday.