Virtual Private Server

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a great place to start. It gives you an entire server to yourself without the shared nature of traditional hosting, and you pay for 2gb of ram and 30gb of Storage it’s yours. No one else. If you want to install a custom software platform, you can install anything and everything to make it work, don’t have to worry about your neighbors, it’s your server.

It’s an affordable place to build the next growth point of your site and grow into more if needed. Who is VPS for? Well some uses for a VPS would be:

  • Custom Software Need – If you want to have a little server for Discourse, you could deploy on a VPS and have a fantastic Forum.
  • Custom Programming Need – Someone writing something for you in Python? Perl? PHP? Go? Build exactly what you need and no limitations or restrictions.
  • Security – If you want to be sure you and only you are using a server, this is perfect – lock it down, build it out, it’s your little slice of a server.

There are a million other reasons you could benefit from a VPS, but the biggest need is usually the stepping stone from Shared Hosting -> Dedicated Hosting, it gives some of the advantages of dedicated but a more manageable cost like Shared.





VPS 512MB [Order]

1 CPU Core




VPS 1024MB [Order]

2 CPU Core




VPS 1536MB [Order]

4 CPU Core




These are basic configurations which are easily customized, if you are in need of additional resources please don’t hesitate to reach out for a custom package.