Email Server

Email is a big deal! It's part of your brand no matter what kind of organization you are, be it a Church or a business or even a popular blog, your is key!

In shared hosting your email has a higher risk of being blacklisted by others who abuse their hosting and don't care about what they do or don't do! So what other options are there? Well there's your own Email server, and we are using some great powerful software called Mail-in-a-Box which is 100% free and 100% awesome! It gives you the ability to host your own email and ensure no other domains are using it, only your own and offers great features:

  • Web Based Admin Interface
  • Roundcube Webmail
  • Simple Static Website Hosting (No PHP, No Database, only HTML/Images)
  • Anti-Spam Tools (Greylisting & Spamassassin)
  • Full DKIM & SPF Support
  • Shared Contacts & Calendar via OwnCloud

It's so awesome that even FlockHosting uses it for a mail server, so you'll never pay a software fee, all you're paying for is the server itself but as a single use server it's easier to define cost so how can we get you going quickly? I just need to know how much storage you want for your email!

*Disclaimer: This is not for bulk mailing. Abuse of this service for bulk mailing will result in instant suspension, no questions, no warnings. Please email responsibly.


25 GB Storage
    50 GB Storage
      100 GB Storage