Personal Hosting

You're out looking for personal hosting, and you've come to the right place! Quick & Friendly Support, Powerful Servers, and a bad sense of humor!*

FlockHosting can fit almost all solutions for your personal website needs! Even if it is just email account and a site with a resume, or a blog, we can grow with every need! Here are a few ideas of what you may need that we do provide:



Online Community

Get people talking with Vanilla Forums and build your own online community! Build conversations and friendships that will last for years and keep everyone talking!


Share Photos

Your online memories are important, and not all family members like Facebook, so share your photos somewhere you control all aspects and never have to worry about your photos being sold off!




Using the free publishing platform WordPress you can quickly install your blog in a few clicks and begin your journey to documenting your journey in life from everyday life to a pregnancy journal!

All these scripts and more are easily installed on all accounts! You can try any number of the provided scripts to better fit your needs. If you are ever looking for something the auto-installer doesn't offer just drop me a line and I'll see if we can get you squared away!

Easy to Get Going!

With over 200 web applications easily installed thru one of the auto-installers provided in our cPanel Control Panel, you can quickly and easily install and manage your website with some great programs to take some of the <code> out of the equation and make managing your site easy!

If you're asking "Why FlockHosting?" well why not consider a few of our customer programs included with all hosting, like the Good Stewards Program, Good Faith Upgrade, and a New Yearly Favorite Customer Appreciation Month! Our plans are now brand new, offering a great start for any style of site - with rates as low as $4.16 a month when you pre-pay for a year, including Online Chat Support, Email, Trouble Ticket - if you have a question pick a option and contact me! I want to help!

Ready to sign up? Click the button on the right and you'll be off and running! Remember sign-up for a year and you could be paying as little as $4.16 a month! 


* Bad sense of humor is included in all accounts, you can opt-out, but occasionally I've got a good pun or three. 🙂