Managed WordPress

wordpressWordPress is a great system to manage your website, however like any software it must be maintained, managed and optimized to keep it running smoothly. If you run an active website chances are you may see slowdowns and performance issues as your site gains popularity, and that's where FlockHosting's Managed WordPress comes in!

As a service we add in functionality to keep your site running as smoothly as possible, providing security rules at the web server level to further protect your WordPress install - blacklisting too known attackers which try to brute force your passwords or deface your site, why let them even try!

Curious? See below for all the great features we have for you to enjoy!

FlockHosting provides you with the latest security plugins which help secure and safely manage your WordPress Site, doing code audits daily as well to ensure your site is safe and secure.
Daily Updates
FlockHosting ensures the latest updates are installed, we even make a backup before we do any upgrades just in case there are any problems in upgrading,.
Firewall Safety
We employ mod_security and blacklists to your site to ensure known threats don't even get a chance!
Speed is everything! We provide configure Caching & Image Optimization tools to ensure your site is running quickly even under a huge surge of traffic.
Add Features
Sometimes plugins have odd interactions, so we will be here to ensure your plugins are playing nice, and if you are unsure about a plugin we are here to help!
We provide a schedule of backups based upon your content addition, ensuring we have plenty of restore points.
Site grows? We make sure you can handle the load, even if it means re-locating your site to a less crowded server, at no cost.
We want you to get the most out of your site, you'll be part of a monthly newsletter which provides "Did you know?" features.
Providing top notch support to whatever question or problem you may have.

Sound Good?

This can be added to any existing hosting package for only $10 extra a month! This can be added at sign-up just check the box:

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If you are already a customer then you just need to add the add-on to your account:

Image 2015-05-01 at 11.24.49 AM


Once you've viewed your product and got to the add-on's page choose "Click to view available add ons"


Image 2015-05-01 at 11.25.07 AM

Choose Managed WordPress and You're set!