Church Hosting FAQ's

Some of the common questions that have come in to FlockHosting since the announcement of this project, got one? Ask away!

Why is this free?

It’s what God has asked FlockHosting to do. As outlined in the original blog post announcing this project, with the cost of website and design out of the loop, more funds are free to go back into the general budget helping local projects, youth events, camps, you name it, this blessing is meant to help churches.

Hold up it says my Domain is $11?! What about Free?

Well sadly this has been abused left and right, even some clever scammers  & churches sadly have taken and abused the generosity of FlockHosting in offering a free domain. Now if a DIRE beyond DIRE need can be defined, I’m happy to prayerfully consider the request, but I figure most individuals can sponsor their church in a $11/yearly fee. Again if you feel this is too much for you/your church, please get in touch as to why and I’ll gladly prayerfully consider it. This has been asked so many times, I’ve made it #2 on this list! Hope this helps clear things up for visitors! Not trying to scam anyone! So pure transparency. 

Okay Okay… You had me going, free… you serious?

I am indeed 100% serious. Even offering the domain name if your just getting started in getting your church online! No costs, no secret list of requirements, no yearly payment, it is free, end to end! Email, Sermons, Website, and hopefully eventually video archives too!

Look We WANT to pay you something! Can We?

Sure, I am not above accepting some sort of love offering, however again it is NOT required, recommended, suggested, etc. If you feel like sending in a payment of something – I’m not going to say no for a ONE-TIME gift, but if you make it a regular deal, it’s not saving or helping your church put money into important ministries, instead consider spreading the word about FlockHosting to your church members, friends, family, local Christian businesses, word of mouth has always been FlockHosting’s greatest advertising, and that I would appreciate much more than taking money from your Church.

We have a designer, we don’t need WordPress, is it still free?

Yes! Simply choose the self managed option and your off and running! You’ll get FTP login information which works as well for WebDAV support for Frontpage & Dreamweaver users.

What can I do with WordPress?

What can’t you do? It was originally built as a Blogging Platform (and many use it for just that!) but with a few adjustments and some help it makes for a great website! The demo I created for this service for the “First Internet Church” showcases just a few things you can do! Unsure if this fits your needs? I am but a Email, IM, or Trouble Ticket away to assist in customizing and helping you learn how to manage plus building a community of folks who are happy to help too!

I love WordPress – But I have my own WordPress Setup & Theme, can I move it here?

You betcha! If you are unsure how to move it, get in touch! I have a few plugins which will package up your entire site and move it over! Another FREE thing here, no cost, just get me login information to where it is now, my plugins pack it up and move it over!

Do I have to use your email?

Nope. There are other 3rd party services out there – I am working on finding a solution to provide churches with a end to end solution for Email, Calendars and More! So if you’re interested it’s going to keep growing so stay tuned! Chime in and let me know what YOU need from email!

Do you offer a newsletter service?

Nope. However, we do offer many great listings of free resources to get things rolling and keep everything affordable! For instance Mailchimp which freely offers newsletter/mailing services for email 100% free up to 2,000 subscribers! But if you need ideas, our growing community or myself are readily available  to help where we can!

If I sign-up, don’t like it, can I keep the domain?

Sadly no. For ease of upkeep – if you wish to stop using Church Hosting and FlockHosting provided your domain, you must then pay for it. Because sadly there are those out there that would abuse this service, those who may not even be a church, or those out to save a few bucks for their own hosting service for customers – not a perfect world. If you decide to leave the standard current pricing/promotion on a domain applies.

I know a thing or two about domains, and don’t want my WHOIS information to be public! Can I make it Private?

Sadly I can’t provide this for free at the moment, already absorbing the cost of the domain, if you wish, open a support ticket after you get all settled in and I can offer you the service at the yearly rate of $8.50 – you can order this in your checkout, as some do choose to purchase the domain themselves, and tack on the additional $8.50 for privacy. If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact me.

So its free but I wait DAYS for support right?

Wrong. You get the same support as all customers, you can open tickets, Live Chat, IM, Email, Community Forum, Twitter, Facebook – You name it, if I am attached to it, you get support! 24/7/365 – I am here to support your church in getting online and setup, not sure how to get your email rolling? New help setting up a MailChimp Newsletter? Want to take tithes and offerings online? You name it, you need help I’m your guy! Already helped one church build out their site & put together a refreshing of their church Logo! Free of charge! You need help, I’m your guy, open a ticket and I’ll get you you ASAP!

I just need EMAIL, Can you just do email?

Currently no. While I would love to provide an email service only for folks who need it, bottom line is – I don’t have the resources I need to do this, BUT I am working on it, so stay tuned!

I’m a non-profit run by a local church, Can I get a free website?

That’s a tough one, originally FlockHosting offered free non-profit hosting years ago, but the evolution to Church Hosting really takes a LOT of resources out of the loop to provide Churches with any and all resources they may need, I approach this on a case by case basis, if nothing else I usually will offer a STEEP discount to any non-profit, as I’m happy to help, but reality is I have bills to pay too!

I am with another company, how do I move?

Get in touch! I’m easily accessible, let me know what your wanting moved, and if you are not the “tech savvy” person who set it up, let me be the tech savvy person who helps it move over! Happy to help with server migrations at no additional cost!

We are a tech savvy church, will this work with my iPhone? Android? Blackberry?

Yes, yes, and yes. We even work on Mac, Windows, and Linux – we support standards so if you want to run your email on your phone? We support IMAP & POP3, and our control panel as well as WordPress offers a GREAT mobile view for ease of managing things!

We have a sermon archive of YEARS of audio, is this okay?

Yes! But I do ask that you get in touch with me first, working on several “LARGE” storage systems, and I need to be sure your sermons are handled properly!

I’m not savvy, can my tech guru work on my page?

Sure thing! You may be the pastor who’s not the techie person at the church, but I would ask if they are going to contact ME for assistance please be sure you’ve noted them in your customer zone account at – so that we don’t have random folks just buzzing in with random requests!

Does Church Hosting do __________?

Yes. No. Maybe 🙂 I know every church has different desires & needs, you may have something already at another company and want to move it to save funds, well just shoot me an email with what you need/want to do and I will see if I can accommodate your requests!

Something Else?

This is a growing list, have a question? Concern? Ask away!