100% Free

Nil, no one, no one at all, no part, nobody, not a bit, not a soul, not a thing, not any, not anyone, not anything, not one, nothing, zero, zilch - Not sure how many other ways to say it, You Pay Nothing. However it does not mean we are cutting corners or limiting service or support - your account is 100% supported - server monitored, tickets handled and dealt with, and again no cost - if your worried about cost, here is a simple equation to use for a simple plan:
4 Email Accounts + 1000MB Storage + 20000GB Transfer = $0.00/m/y/forever
That’s it! Again no cost, at worst on your theme at the bottom of the website, you’ll have a “Powered by FlockHosting” nothing BIG or BANNER wise, simple, to the point - Text Only. However as some folks in the original review of this idea in prayer, folks asked:
“If someone wanted to give you something, would you take it?”
To answer that, I am open to a donation, every little bit helps and goes back towards helping more churches! But I am not asking for a regular donation by any means, at that point your paying for hosting! 🙂 The very thing I was looking to avoid! Instead if you want to make mention of FlockHosting in your bulletin/morning slides, that would be awesome! Just some word of mouth to help spread the word, even if it’s spreading the word to other churches about free hosting!