Church Hosting

Free Hosting!The world of the web isn't always easy. You find a company who says “Let’s build you a website!” and before you know it, you're in a project anywhere from $100 to $30,000 - and for some churches that's just peachy! You have the congregation to support it! But why? Why raise such a hefty cost when those same funds, even the $100 could go to support ministries within your church locally. That may make such a huge impact in your surrounding communities!

FlockHosting is here to change that. Zero Costs. How? Why? Your kidding right? Nope. God laid upon my heart to launch this service free of charge to churches, to eliminate the hefty costs of Hosting, Design, Email, and Storage! With FlockHosting’s Church Hosting you get everything you need including the software to power your website!

  • Email Hosting
  • Web Hosting
  • Sermon Hosting 
  • Great Designs + Help Customizing!
  • Website Management using WordPress -or- You upload and manage yourself!
  • Easy Tutorials + Video Walkthrus!
  • Same Great Support FlockHosting Paying Customers Get!

This is a labor of love I am not requiring any payment, just that you abide and agree to FlockHosting’s Terms of Service and Agree with Our Statement of Faith - those are the only things you must attend to! The Domain name is even free on request if you don't have one! Why FlockHosting? Over 10 years of business serving various causes for Christ, the Lord recently laid upon my heart that Churches need to be taken care of, and God having blessed FlockHosting all these years with enough to pay the bills and take care of myself, I am going to return the blessing and give back to Churches.

Church Hosting is fully loaded with 200+ applications you can choose from! However you may want to do everything on your own, that's perfectly A-OK, there are two options to choose from:

This is for the church who doesn't have the web team or simply wants a easier way to manage their site and resources, using the power of WordPress you can create a website that's easy to manage, expand and full of great resources! (Demo Site)

Already have a website? Already have a "Web Ministry" team? We have you covered, you can manage your site via FTP, upload/manage your files and resources with ease!

I do ask that if you have a LARGE Sermon Archive, contact me first before just uploading it - I have some alternate ways to manage your sermons other than the WordPress method - so please let me know!