About FlockHosting


It all started back in 2002, I had been doing business hosting and hobby hosting for a few years, and I started noticing there was a lack of Christian hosts out and about – some folks were getting hit with HUGE Outages, Overages, and Out Of Business notices from their hosting companies.

I met one such site and offered to lend a hand, provided more resources, reliable hardware for fewer outages – and honestly, from that single website, FlockHosting was born by simple word of mouth – and it’s been a blessed journey ever since.

Fast forward 15 years – FlockHosting is still working to provide customers with the same incredible things:

  • Affordable Hosting for Personal and Business
  • Free Hosting for Churches
  • Excellent Customer Appreciation (Including a MONTH to celebrate YOU the customer!)
  • Upgrades in Hardware/Software
  • Safety and Assistance
  • Goodbye to Overages

Things keep getting better and better, and I am hoping you’ll join the excitement here and learn what FlockHosting is all about.  No matter your needs, from a simple website, or you have the next killer idea, get in touch with FlockHosting for some help in making your site a reality and doing so as affordable as possible.

If you ever need help/assistance/guidance – My door is always open and I will help where I can! So please don’t hesitate to ask a question if you have one! I look forward to serving you!